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Angel of the Ghetto, Sam Solasz

Sam-Solasz-and-wife-RoseAngel of the Ghetto is a harrowing Holocaust survivor story. A page-turner that will leave you breathless, this is the story of how Sam made a split second decision to jump from the train bound for a death camp. The story then recounts how Sam survived, evaded capture and aided other inside the ghetto smuggling in much needed food and supplies. His journey through life continues to amaze as after surviving the war and immigrating to the United States he overcomes unbelievable odds to become a very successful industry leading professional.

Read more about this Holocaust survivor story here.

Independent Authors


Having worked with a great many of independent authors in the last few years we am struck by the opportunities and difficulties in the arena of book publishing today. With on demand printing it has become possible for anyone to self publish a book with no printing costs up front. You create the artwork, set the inside of the book and save it as a PDF, create an e-pub version, and your book shows up on Amazon and Kindle in a matter of days. Read more

Pascale Victor

Pascale Victor Social WorkerPascale Victor is a social worker in the boro of Queens in New York City. I had the pleasure of helping her with her book, both in print and kindle form, and her new WordPress website, pascalevictor.com. Her book is an intriguing look into the dedication and heartbreak that go hand in hand with her very difficult, yet rewarding occupation. Please have a look at her site where you can read excerpts from her wonderful new book, Field Work With An Open Heart.

Smirk – A compilation of humor columns & cartoons by Carol Nelson Falcone

Carol Nelson has self-published a book of her clever humor column, ‘Smirk’. You can read some sample chapters on the site as well. Have a look at her new website:

Smirk – A compilation of humor columns & cartoons by Carol Nelson