Innovation Design Graphics work with companies large and small, independent authors and artists to provide a presence on the web. One thing that sets us apart is that if the client so desires we will teach them not only to blog and create a social media profile on their website, but to update and maintain the site themselves. Our creative director taught at the Parsons School of Design in New York City and has tutored quote a few of our clients to use wordpress to create new content on their websites.
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angel of the ghetto holocaust survivor stories

Angel Of The Ghetto tells one of the most amazing Holocaust Survivor Stories ever written. Sam Solasz jumps from a train bound for a death camp as a boy, then smuggles food and supplies into ghetto, all the while avoiding the nazis. After the war Sam immigrates to the United States with ten dollars in his pocket and through pure determination and persistence becomes a successful businessman and owner of a multi-million dollar operation.

a place called grace by alison rand

In her self-help book disguised as a memoir of separation and loss, New York social worker and actress Alison Rand shares her life of tragedies–and how she learned to overcome. Her compelling story will help you conquer your own difficulties, no matter how overwhelming they may seem.

Richard Colton

No More. No Less. is the story of New Orleans philanthropist Richard C. Colton Jr.’s almost two decades-long struggle against cancer, and the spiritual journey it unearthed inside him. A cascade of treatments plays out over these pages, involving chemotherapy, radiation and three major surgeries—the last of which cost him a radical resection of the left side of his face, altering his appearance forever. With his life hanging in the balance, the author asked for a miracle—and his wish was granted. This is story of a plea, a promise, and the loving support of a community that gave a man back his life, so he could do more good in the world.

paul yandoli photo

A clean looking Photography site for a client who was trained to maintain and update the site for himself.

ruthless ambition by louis manzo

Independent author Louis Manzo’s new tell all book about the Christie administration. A simple, clean interface showcasing the author’s bold new political book.

ctt engineering

This site appeals to an upscale Engineering Business demographic and as such uses a bold interface, and large slideshows to show off what the client is all about.

an irish lullaby by louis manzo

A new book project by Louis Michael Manzo, author of Ruthless Ambition. An Irish Lullaby is a story for the ages depicting one person’s search for relevancy and fulfillment set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial cultural issues of our era: abortion.

pascale victor website

A lovely site for aspiring independent author and social worker, Pascale Victor.

ha phuong world

A petite dynamo with a huge heart and a big name in her native Vietnam is now a deeply entrenched New Yorker. “HP” as she is known amongst friends is an accomplished actress, singer and now a movie producer as well: Her soon-to-be released feature film Finding Julia is a dramatic thriller.

This is a site featuring my cartoon and illustration work.

Learn how to become a successful Real Estate Agent from Paula Pagano