Innovation Graphic Design specializes in helping independent authors get their work published. Things have changed a great deal in the past several years in the publishing world with the advent of on-demand printing. In the past an author had to land a publishing contract with a book publishing company as the cost of traditional offset printing was prohibitive. It was only worth printing a book if thousands of copies where being produced.

The problem is  thousands of authors sent their work to these publishing companies every week and as such excellent manuscripts get lost in the shuffle and to be honest, ignored. You had to be connected to even get your work looked at. Authors didn’t have a chance to break into the business because they can’t get their books into the hands of the Bibliophile (a person who loves books).

Enter the era of On Demand Printing. With a little help formatting your book and some guidance on navigating the process you can post your book to online retail outlets like Amazon and your ebook to arenas like Amazon Kindle and offer your book to the public without incurring any printing costs. The books are printed one at a time when they are ordered! You can also order author’s copies for just a few dollars each to sell yourself and take along to book signings at your local bookstores or libraries. Read some very good blog articles about how this revolution in book publishing has made it possible for authors to jump start their careers at the Independent Authors Forum.

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